The top fighters from different combative sports: Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Kickboxing, and others - all fighting in one ring under the same rules.

This is what was meant by the word "FIGHT" all along.

Antonio Inoki first possessed the fervent dream of realizing an Olympic Games of combative sports. The late Ikki Kajiwara depicted that dream through his illustrated stories, featuring fair rules, neutral rings, and most of all, fighters worthy of the game. All we need are fair rules for all, an independent ring, and eligible fighters.

Now, "PRIDE" has made it real. Beyond the existing structure of combative sports today, we feature the best. "Who is the best?" That was a universal search. Now we have the answer. That's what you'll see in the ring of PRIDE - the white stage of dreams.

Here you will find the background and highlights of PRIDE, of interest both to long-time combat fans, as well as those who know nothing at all about combat sports.

PRIDE is ValeTudo, meaning "everything is accepted." These are the minimal rules in order to find out who is the best, and to "fight for the man's pride".