Though we currently do not offer t-shirts or merchandise for wholesale, we do offer our extensive collection of DVD titles for domestic and international sales.

Available titles include:

PRIDE FC "Bad Blood" (double DVD)
PRIDE FC "Armed and Ready" (single DVD)
PRIDE FC "Demolition" (single DVD)
PRIDE FC "Beasts from the East 2" (single DVD)
PRIDE FC "Total Elimination 2003" (double DVD)
PRIDE FC "Final Conflict 2003" (double DVD)
PRIDE FC "Shockwave 2003" (double DVD)

New titles follow every 4-8 weeks.

Titles are available only on DVD; VHS is no longer available.

There is a 25-unit minimum per title for initial orders. Accounts are subject to review after 3 months and can be cancelled at the discretion of Dream Stage Entertainment.

Discounts are available (based on volume).

For more information please email us at