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CHAEL on STANN: "He can hurt me, but I can hurt him too"
UFC 136: Chael Sonnen Pre-Fight Interview. WATCH VIDEO

Demian Maia - Go Ahead, Punch Him In The Face
The popular stereotype about ‘punching jiu-jitsu guys in the face' and watching them wilt under fistic fire hasn't held true for Demian Maia, as evidenced by his 14-3 MMA record and multiple triumphs over elite fighters. A decade into his pro career, however, the five-time BJJ world champ readily admits that being popped in the face still isn't something he looks forward to. FULL STORY

Melvin Guillard - Ain't No Stopping' Him Now
There is an ever present debate concerning the thin line which separates "confidence" from "cockiness". The truth of the matter, the division of the two depends on the source of the comments. The words are all the same: I'm stronger, I'm faster, and I'm better, so I will win. It comes down to, can you really argue with the person saying it? In terms of UFC lightweight Melvin Guillard, it has become almost impossible to disagree with him. FULL STORY