PRIDE FC Fan Club Event in Tokyo, Shinjuku Nakamura & Mach Make Guest Appearance

On Wednesday, February 7th a Fan Club event was held in Tokyo, Shinjuku. The event was attended by Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Kazuhiro Nakamura, who will be fighting at PRIDE.33 "THE SECOND COMING" scheduled to be held on Saturday, February 24th (local time) in Las Vegas, as well as Mr. Shigeru Saeki of PRIDE Public Relations.

A PRIDE FC Fan Club Event was held at the Cinema Complex Shinjuku Wald 9 where PRIDE.33 "THE SECOND COMING" will be shown for public viewing.

The event was attended by Nakamura, who will be fighting against Travis"Diezel" Wiuff at PRIDE.33 "THE SECOND COMING." Nakamura expressed alert stating that "Wiuff is a wrestler possessing powerful punches, and with the experience he has gained from fighting over 50 MMA matches, he can't be taken lightly."



His first match since August 2006, Mach will be fighting Mac Danzig who will be making his PRIDE debut at the upcoming match. "Even though Mach did not fight at last year's Las Vegas event, his actions were just as surprising," commented Mr. Saeki. True to these words, when Mach went to Las Vegas for last October's event, he lost over ten thousand dollars at the casinos in a matter of seconds. It's no wonder talks focused more upon his gambling episode than the actual match. Apparently, Mach borrowed the money he invested into gambling from Nakamura's acquaintance and he is currently being pressed to pay his debt.

Mach offered a positive (?) remark, "I don't have the money, but there's a reason to why I lost at the casinos. It fostered a sense of thirst, and it fired me up for the year." When asked about Nakamura who won five thousand dollars, Mach replied, "I guess he is unlike me in that respect, but I bet he would have become 'the' strongest if he had lost."

Following the talk show, drawings for prizes as well as some of the best bouts of 2006 were shown, leaving fans extremely satisfied.