At the recent DSE press conference announcing the 8 matches for April 4th's BUSHIDO 6, it was also announced that DEEP representative, Shigeru Saeki, would be promoted from Assistant Director of BUSHIDO to Public Relations for DSE.

"Saeki will officially take up the position of Public Relations Officer for DSE from today," PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada announced. "I'm worried that he is only going to get fatter and develop diabetes but I know that he will give everything for DSE, including his life."

It was a "big" announcement. Until now DEEP Representative served the two positions of BUSHIDO Assistant Director and lunch order-taker, but now he has officially joined the DSE ranks as Public Relations Officer.

"I want to improve an already incredible PRIDE," Saeki commented. "I'll put my life on the line and destroy the other organizations. I will do it to make PRIDE even greater."




Saeki's first job was to announce the BUSHIDO 6 card. "This is a chance for Shoji. Lister, Paulo and Suloev are incredibly tough. They've got the skills to take on the top fighters in the Middleweight Grand Prix. Paulo Filho has never lost to a Japanese fighter. He's beaten Yamamiya (of Pancrase), Ikuhisa Minowa, Shoji and Yuki Kondo, so it wouldn't make sense for him not to be in the Middleweight Grand Prix. The Grand Prix will only be 20 days after the Last One Tournament but maybe that will help the winner concentrate even more. If Ryuta Sakurai fights like he did when he became DEEP Champion, he can definitely win. Bustamante won't lose either, so it's going to be an interesting fight. Minowa versus Yvel is the fight I was to see the most."

"DEEP will keep on being DEEP," Saeki commented regarding his dual positions. "The purpose of the two events is different. I want to bring fighters up from DEEP to PRIDE. That's my job."