Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Josh Barnett and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira

Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Josh Barnett and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira




Josh Barnett: The Crook Head Scissors technique that everyone's talking about is something that I already knew but when I met Mr. Karl Gotch, he gave me several points of advice and made it new. The Crook Head Scissors is a technique that I love and if I get a chance in my fight with Nogueira this time, I'd like to use it. I don't think he knows how to escape from this move, so I definitely want to try it.
Catch wrestling is symbolic of pro-wrestling and pro-wrestling is the greatest art. I believe it's one way to prove that it's a real art. That's why I have been talking about catch wrestling since before my fight with Nogueira. Some parts have been lost to history but it's always been my belief that people who still remember catch wrestling should use it in pro-wrestling. I want to use the things that I learned in New Japan Pro-Wrestling and Pancrase to prove the true strength of pro-wrestling in PRIDE, the world's biggest stage. I want everyone to understand the essence of catch wrestling.
My theme for this fight is also a war between catch wrestling and jujitsu. Nogueira said that his jujitsu is better and catch wrestling isn't strong but they are two different martial arts and I believe that he now understands very well that my ground techniques are good in a real fight. In our last fight, I was the one going for submissions. Nogueira couldn't. Nogueira knows that, too. Our last fight ended in a decision but my theme for this fight is to prove that catch wrestling is better than jujitsu, and make him understand that, by either submitting him or knocking him out.
In my mind, once I've settled the issue with Brazilian jujitsu, catch wrestling VS judo would be interesting, too. There was an aspect of that in Tamura VS Yoshida and when I fought Kazu Nakamura. So, it would be interesting to create that image by having Yoshida and me fight next time.
Having three rounds in this fight is a very good thing for me. Nogueira will get tired, slow and lose power. I will have the advantage and I believe I will be able to show how strong I am. However, I want to submit him in the 1st round.
After the last fight was over, Nogueira said that decision was wrong. I expected that he would become somewhat emotional. He always complains if there's something he doesn't like in his fights. I had to fight Mirko after that, so I didn't have time to deal with him. I understand the fight when I fight. If he's going to say that kind of thing, maybe he should spend more time training to win, rather than complaining about unfairness. I'm going to break his leg before he gets a chance to make an excuse this time. Nogueira, this is our final match!
Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira: My condition is extremely good. I've very motivated. I had the support of my team, so I will be able to fight in good condition. I want to win this last fight of the year and close out the year in a good way. Japan is very cold. It's like 104 degrees in Brazil, so it feels cold here. I arrived in Japan on Monday, so my body has become accustomed to Japan and now I'm just relaxing, so the cold won't be a real problem.
There hasn't been much time between my last fight with Josh and this one but I was extremely happy when I received the offer because I was very optimistic about this rematch. When I heard the offer, I became very motivated to train, too. Winning this fight is really important to me. There was no way I could be satisfied with the results of the last fight, so I want to give everything I have and convincingly win this time.
After looking at the last fight on video, I still believe that I was controlling the fight. I know that Josh also had some good positions and neither of us was able to submit the other, but I was the one attacking from above. I don't want to think about the last fight now, though. Now that I've received the opportunity to rematch him, I just want to concentrate on this fight. I will win this fight in a beautiful way. And after I've won, I want to challenge Fedor for the Heavyweight Championship.
Of course, I recognize that Josh is a strong fighter. After fighting him I realized that he is quick despite being so big, and he's good on the ground, too. However, my jujitsu is definitely better than his ground techniques and I will prove it in this fight.
His catch wrestling is excellent at positioning and I know they are excellent at leg locks and they have a lot of variations. However, the Brazilian jujitsu we do is a complete martial art and we have many variations, too. I will use all of my Brazilian jujitsu techniques in this fight to win.
The last fight was in the Grand Prix with only two rounds but this fight will have the normal three rounds. The more time that I have, the more techniques and positions I can try. I think having three rounds is better for me. Josh probably thinks the same thing, though, but I came here to finish the fight and I will win by KO or submission before 20 minutes have passed.
My prediction for the Fedor VS Hunt title match? Looking at them overall, Fedor is the more complete fighter. He's excellent on the ground and at wrestling. Hunt has power and a strong punch but Fedor has a longer mixed martial arts career. I think Fedor has an 80% chance of winning this fight.