Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Ikuhisa Minowa and Kiyoshi Tamura

Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Ikuhisa Minowa and Kiyoshi Tamur




Ikuhisa Minowa: The reason I didn't give any interviews or train publicly is because there is something that I can't communicate very well in those situations and I wanted to show everything in this fight. When I think about the timing, I think that tomorrow's fight will be a very big match. It has been four years since Tamura and I fought and I want to use everything I have learned during those four years. This is the time for me to free my feelings. Next year will be my 10th year as a professional fighter and this fight with Tamura will be a new start for me.
When this fight was finalized, I started thinking about our last fight. I was thinking about what I lacked at that time, my conditioning, my training for the fight and the contents of the fight. I've tested myself in a lot of my fights. Even the Barton fight was a test. I test what I've learned and my improvements in my fights. In a sense, I'm training during my fights. Sometimes it fails. So this time, I am after a complete victory and I want to use everything I have. I want to put it all out there. I am after a complete victory this time. My theme is "Birth" because I have freed all of my feelings and techniques and this is a new start for me. The wind outside was like a storm after my fight with Tamura four years ago. It was a storm then, so I will turn it into blue skies this time.
I want to carve my fight as a commemorative day on the 1st page of my history. Moving from the 1st chapter of my life as a pro-wrestler to the 2nd chapterNo, wait. It's a little differentAnyway, something like that. I love New Year's Eve, when time is flowing into a new year. Everyone thinks about the same thing. We're the first fight in the New Year's Eve event, so I want open that door and rip it apart with an explosion.
So, I'm looking forward to this fight, too. I've always though about how I can become super-human and what I can do to become super-human. Now I want to take one step towards that.
Don't be late when you come tomorrow! Make sure that you enjoy the event, starting with the first fight.
Kiyoshi Tamura: I didn't expect so many people to be there (in the previous day's press conference), so I didn't feel like my normal self. I'm a little nervous because the event is tomorrow but I feel good. (Are you satisfied with your training?) It was okay. I saw him for the first time since the press conference when they announced the card. Minowa is 91kg now, so he looked a little big.
I think our fight is the 1st bout because Minowa asked for it but I haven't fought in the 1st bought since I fought Bob Sapp in PRIDE in 2002. The 1st bout is extremely important. Although it's just an ideal, I want the fight between Minowa and myself to connect to the next bout. To put it simply, I want to give a fight that leaves an impact.