Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Eldari Hurtanidze

Pre-PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006 Interview with Eldari Kurtanidze




Eldari Kurtanidze: This is my 2nd time to come to Japan but my first time to fight in a mixed martial arts fight. I have been preparing with my trainer since I received the offer in June. To me, my PRIDE debut fight is a test match. Now that I've trained in mixed martial arts, I will see whether it feels good to actually fight. It's an experiment and I will test a lot of things. After the fight with Fujita, should I go after the Champion? Will I continue mixed martial arts? This fight will probably decide those things. What I feel like doing the most now is trying out the mixed martial arts techniques I have worked on so far in a real fight.
I've seen videos of Fujita's fights. I know about his experience and what he looks like. I respect all of my opponents, though. That's the same, whether my opponent is Fujita or someone else. I'm also sure that Fujita fights with conviction. So, I don't feel anything special because Fujita is my opponent. (Is Fujita is a tough opponent for a test match?) Life is a series of difficulties and I have to get used to facing difficulties in the future, too. However, I am confident in myself. If I weren't confident, I wouldn't be able to climb into the PRIDE ring.
What is my special technique? That's a secret. (laughing) A hint? I've trained in a lot of techniques suitable for PRIDE and I will just say that it's the technique that I'm know the most for.
A lot of reporters have come to interview me today and I am very grateful. I want to say thank you to everyone. I respect Japanese culture and traditions, including PRIDE. Incidentally, Kokkai, the Georgian sumo rikishi in Japan, and I are from the same area. It was a very long time ago but we actually trained together at the same facility once.