The Last Card Added to Shockwave 2006

The full card for PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006, to be held on December 31st at Saitama Super Arena, has now been announced. The final card is Hidehiko Yoshida VS James Thompson. Yoshida is 1-1 this year. Will Yoshida ring in the New Year with a win or will he end up as food for the Muscle Monster.

Hidehiko Yoshida (Japan/Yoshida Dojo)
James Thompson (England/Team Trojan)




There is a 16cm height difference and 24 kg weight difference between these two fighters! Thompson made a strong showing against Kazuyuki Fujita in first round of the Open Weight Grand Prix and now he's on a mission to take out Hidehiko Yoshida. Many fans may be surprised to hear that Thompson will be Yoshida's opponent. However, a quick look at past data reveals that Yoshida has proven himself to be a formidable opponent against such physical giants as Mark Hunt and Rulon Gardner.

Thompson himself proved the strength of his heart when he stood toe-to-toe, trading punches with Kazuyuki Fujita. Even after winning, Fujita said that Thompson is a good fighter that he definitely wants to fight again. While his stamina may be an issue, Yoshida can't afford to overlook Thompson's "gong & dash" strategy of immediately applying overwhelming power from the very start of the fight. Thompson has also been training hard to become a top-level fighter, including asking Josh Barnett to be his sparring partner before the Final Round of the Grand Prix.

Nor would Yoshida be the first judo player Thompson has beaten. Thompson beat Romanian judo player Alexandre Lungu in PRIDE 30, who himself beat David Douillet twice, and judo-veteran Andy Costello in a September 2005 event in his home country of England. The first five minutes of the fight will be "Thompson Time" and this year's biggest upset might happen in these few minutes!