Another Match Added to Showckwave 2006

An additional card has been announced for the December 31st PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006, to be held at Saitama Super Arena. The "Beast" Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan/Team Japan) will make his long-awaited return against Olympic wrestling medallist and the pride of Georgia, Eldari Kurtanidze (Georgia).

Kazuyuki Fujita (Japan/Team Japan)
Eldari Kurtanidze (Georgia)




Kazuyuki Fujita will compete in PRIDE on New Year's Eve, the first time since his war with Wanderlei Silva in the July 1st Second Round of the PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix. That battle ended in a hard-fought loss for Fujita by TKO at 9 minutes and 21 seconds in the first round. His next opponent will be Eldari Kurtanidze (Georgia), a fellow freestyle wrestler.

Kurtanidze stands at 170cm and weighs in at 106kg. He's a 6-time European Champion, 2-time World Champion and competed in the 1996 (Atlanta), 2000 (Sidney) and 2004 (Athens) Olympics, earning Bronze Medals in Sidney and Athens. Kurtanidze also amazingly took the Bronze in the 120kg division in Europe. Kurtanidze possesses incredible strength, and insiders have been singing his praises, saying that he has the power, technique and heart perfect for professional fighting.

"I'm very happy to be able to standing the PRIDE ring, the greatest arena in mixed martial arts," Kurtanidze said. "Georgia is home to some of the world's strongest wrestlers and now that mixed martial arts is also becoming popular, I think there will be many more new competitors in the future. You can count on it. I have heard that Mr. Fujita is an extremely strong fighter. I'm sorry but he's only a stepping-stone to me. I want to show the fans that there are more dangerous, stronger beasts in this world. I will put the pride of Georgia on the line and I promise that I will win. I'm looking forward to going to Japan for New Year's Eve."

Fans will be treated to a battle of the beasts on New Year's Eve, but will it be the beast from Georgia or the beast from Japan that unleashes a victory yell in the end?