BUSHIDO's aces, Ryo Chonan and Takanori Gomi, comment on the changes in PRIDE and challenge their fellow Japanese fighters.

After hearing from DSE CEO Sakakibara and PRIDE General Director Takada that if they "have no future if they don't produce results within a year", BUSHIDO's two aces stepped up to meet the challenge.

Ryo Chonan

I've never really thought about events. I just thought about getting stronger and beating tough opponents and I don't plan on fighting easy opponents now, either. Everyone that's watching will understand what I mean when I fight tough guys and win. That's what I believe.

Takanori Gomi

The fans should be satisfied if I keep giving them KOs and submissions like last year. There are people that go to watch other organization's fights but the fans are getting smarter, and I know they will choose the organization with the highest level fights.

Both of these fighters believe that their matches don't lack anything when compared to other organizations'. Although they are called the aces of BUSHIDO, they haven't let it go to their heads. They don't want easy wins, they want tough opponents.

11 fighters were present today but the four that are really expected to bring BUSHIDO to the next level are Gomi, Chonan and Minowa and "Mach" Sakurai, both of who were unable to attend the press conference because of their overseas training. They are the four kings of BUSHIDO. If the four kings can motivate the other fighters and shock the fans, BUSHIDO is destined to be a popular event.

"It's funny when Japanese fighters go after themselves. I don't plan on losing. I'm aiming for the tough fighters from overseas because I think fighting Japanese is the easy road," Chonan commented, challenging both domestic and foreign fighters. "If a Japanese fighter can win his way up though, I'll fight him anytime."



Using Fedor and Kosaka as an example, Chonan continued, "Kosaka showed us that he won't give up, even if he's covered in blood. I've watched him in press conferences, interviews and training and he never backs down, not even a little bit. He never shows his weaknesses and I was moved watching him try to win. I want to keep that style alive."

Gomi also has an amazing plan ahead. "If they are good, I don't mind fighting Japanese fighters. There are a lot of people calling for me to fight Kid or Genki but if he can drop to 78 kg, I'd like to fight Wanderlei Silva. The belt is important but my goal in PRIDE is to fight Silva."

Of course, there is a huge weight difference between the two fighters and it's probably impossible for Silva to drop to 78 kg. However, that's the spirit that Gomi is bringing in to his PRIDE fights. "There are easy fights and then there's the path for real men," Gomi continued. "PRIDE has a long history and I'm betting on PRIDE."

Gomi's tough talk didn't stop there, either, "There were two 73kg fights in the last BUSHIDO but they weren't at my level. I want fighters than when people see them fight, they think I may be in danger. That's why I'm going to give a fight on May 22nd that will make people think twice about challenging me."

Mishima and Nakao, also present at the press conference, said that they were going to win the 73kg Grand Prix. Gomi replied, giving them a dose of reality, "I've already fought Mishima. Nakao looks like a tough fighter but I think he needs to prove himself in PRIDE first. You can do all the talking you want until you get in the ring. PRIDE's foreign fighters are tough. PRIDE is not easy. PRIDE fans won't settle for just a good fight. There are plenty of other rings for that. If that's all you want to do, you should go there. PRIDE is about KOs and submissions. It's a pro's job to make the fans happy and send them home happy. You've got to get them excited."

"I'm not worried about what people thing," Chonan added. "If I show them that I want to be stronger, there are people out there that will recognize that. I'm not going after the easy fights. I'm going to continue like I have now, without backing down."