Additional Card Announced for Shockwave 2006

An additional fight was announced for the upcoming PRIDE SHOCKWAVE 2006, to be held at Saitama Super Arena on December 31st. Kiyoshi Tamura and Ikuhisa Minowa will fight in a rematch four years in the making. Following the recent Takanori Gomi VS Mitsuhiro Ishida match, the Tamura-Minowa bout is the second big match-up of Japanese stars to be featured at SHOCKWAVE. A press conference was also held on December 13th by Dream Stage Entertainment to announce this match and conference details will posted later.

Kiyoshi Tamura (Japan/U-FILE
Ikuhisa Minowa (Japan/Freelance)




The revenge match that Minowa has longed for will finally become reality! Tamura and Minowa first fought each other in September 2002 in the DEEP Ariake Colliseum event. Tamura, a RINGS veteran, and Minowa, a PANCRASE fighter at the time, attracted a lot of attention in this inter-organizational match-up of Japanese stars.

Minowa made his entrance carrying a Japanese sword and wearing a red and white kimono. Although he gave his all in the fight, when it came to striking, grappling and pushing the fight, Tamura was better all-around. This fight is also famous for a scene where Minowa, after giving up back position to Tamura, pointed to "Heaven", rolled forward and tried for a knee-lock.

Later, Minowa expressed his desire to fight Tamura again when he fought Tamura's favorite student, Ryuki Ueyama. After defeating Ueyama by decision, Minowa pointed to Tamura serving as Ueyama's cornerman and said, "You're next!" Tamura, however, simply turned his back to Minowa and walked away.

Finally, Minowa will get his chance at revenge. Will Minowa's growth over these past four years be enough to defeat Tamura? What kind of fight will Tamura show the fans in his first PRIDE fight since his February against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira?