Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa holds talk show at the CENTER JAPAN DISCO punk rock event, held at CLUB UPSET in Nagoya, Japan on November 22. What did Minowa discuss when faced with a club full of fellow "punks" in a completely different atmosphere?

As his nickname implies, Ikuhisa "The Punk" Minowa is a die-hard punk rock fan. Minowa appeared in a talk show hosted by one of Minowa's favorite bands, and his friends, THE STAR CLUB at the CENTER JAPAN DISCO punk rock event.

The "punks" gathered at the venue from 6pm and the event began from 7pm. Packed like sardines, the punks pushed toward the stage as the first band appeared. Following their set, Minowa appeared sporting a new Mohawk-style haircut and punk-style sunglasses.

At first, Minowa was clearly unable to hide his confusion when faced with a crowd of fans unlike those he normally meets. However, he was still able to paint the punk rock festival with a "Heavenly" color. To standard questions like "Will you fight on New Year's Eve", "You have some strange training methods, don't you," and "What was the meaning of training at the batting center", Minowa worked in a "Heaven" reference to each of his answers. Even the punks found it difficult to follow Minowa's unique way of thinking as their eyes seemed to glaze over with "?" marks.

Asked if he has felt "Heaven" recently, Minowa replied, "Recently, I've felt "Galaxia" more than "Heaven"." Confused at Minowa's answer, the talk show host asked him what is Galaxia and Minowa explained that it is a Heaven more real than Heaven.

Before leaving the event, Minowa swore to the crowd that he would become an unparalleled superhuman.