The 20th VIVA JUDO event was held at the Nippon Sports Science University's Setagaya Campus on November 12th. Approximately 120 elementary school students participated and had a great time along with Hidehiko Yoshida. After the event was over, Yoshida also commented on his future activities.

Approximately 120 elementary school students, including some with no judo experience, participated in the 20th anniversary VIVA JUDO event. In addition to playing games, the kids learned how to take falls and to throw from Hidehiko Yoshida, Kazuhiro Nakamura and Michihiro Omigawa in the two-hour judo seminar.

After the event, Yoshida told reporters that he wanted to continue having the VIVA JUDO seminar with as many students as possible. He also revealed that there's a strong possibility of a Los Angeles Yoshida Dojo, "Some of my staff when to America before I did (in October) and we have basically narrowed down the location, but we haven't found a good building yet. There are a lot of things to work out and I don't think it will happened during this year but I hope to have a dojo there next year."

As PRIDE continues to finalize its future schedule, including the New Year's Eve SHOCKWAVE event and the February event in the United States, interest in which event Yoshida will fight in next is building. "If I am going to fight, I will train hard to build my body up for the fight," Yoshida said of the New Year's Eve event. He continued, commenting on the recent Las Vegas event, "The fans in America get really excited when there's a good fight and you can feel the tension in the air. Nakamura was popular there and I think it was a good event." Yoshida avoided the question of whether he would fight in America or not but did reveal his hopes that the American PRIDE events would become a big event in the United States.

"We arrive at the dojo at noon and train. The type of training depends on the day," Yoshida explained that he has restarted his training. "I'm focusing on the mental side, rather than the technical side, right now. More than half of my training is to make me mentally stronger."

Asked about his shaven head, Kazuhiro Nakamura replied, "There's no special meaning." He continued, revealing his intent to challenge for the Middleweight Championship next year, "All of my previous matches were important but I think the next fight will be the most important. I think I'm ready to fight for the belt."