In addition to running his own gym and focusing on the training of younger fighters, Mark Hunt promoted an MMA event called "No Limit" in Australia on November 4th. While Hunt is now involved in the management of his gym, promoting events and managing fighters, he's also getting ready for his own comeback fight.

Dream Stage Entertainment, the parent company of PRIDE Fighting Championships, lent its support to the No Limit event, held in Australia on November 4th, including providing the gloves to be used in the fight. Dream Stage Entertainment CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara was present at the venue during the event and greeted the crowd saying that he hoped that one day, there would be a PRIDE fighter born in the No Limit ring. Of course, the fans and the fighters cheered loudly at that prospect.
Heavyweight fighters from all across Australia gathered for this event and put on exciting matches that both Hunt and Sakakibara watched intently. The day when a PRIDE fighter is born from the No Limit may not be too far in the future.
Hunt is also training for his own fight. When we visited Hunt's gym before the event, he was working to improve his strength by using a sledgehammer to beat a giant tire. According to Hunt, he also spars on the ground and striking almost every day.
Asked about his condition, Hunt laughed and replied that he wants to fight as soon as possible. The chances are good that Hunt will fight in the New Year's Eve event at the earliest. After a hard-fought battle with Wanderlei Silva at the end of 2004, he also beat Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at last year's New Year's Eve event. Expectations are high for Hunt's big bout this year. The day that the Samoan Monster returns to PRIDE is rapidly approaching.