A public training session was held at the GRABAKA gym in Ochiai, Tokyo on October 31st in advance of the GRABAKA team's entry into the joint PRIDE BUSHIDO 13/PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix 2006 Final Round event, to be held on November 5th at Yokohama Arena.

GRABAKA star Akihiro Gono will face Denis Kang in the Welterweight Grand Prix Semi Final Round. Although Gono was supposed to practice in this session, DJ GOZMA appeared in his place, wearing a white suit and red afro. DJ GOZMA appeared before the gathered reporters in a white suit and a red afro rather than in training gear. As it turned out, today's public training session was for DJ GOZMA and not Akihiro Gono.
"Yesterday, DJ OZMA and I were interviewed in a magazine and he asked me to work on my dancing, so I'm going to show you my dance training today. I'm focusing more on my dancing rather that this fight, so I hope everyone will be able to feel my enthusiasm."
On DJ GOZMA's command, his 3-man dance team assembled. "This time, we worked with DJ OZMA for four hours on my entrance. He told me to limit my backup dancers to two people, so one of these guys is getting dropped," DJ GOZMA explained.
The four dancers, including DJ GOZMA, huddled to discuss their strategy before DJ GOZMA lead them in dance practice. "Don't forget to smile!" "Don't bend your knees!" DJ GOZMA instructed them as the three-man dance team worked to perfect their dancing.
"The entrance this time is going to be big. None of the previous entrances will even compare," GOZMA commented. "OZMA is still considering whether he should appear or not. Of course, we want him to dance with us. We're thinking positively, so I hope everyone will look forward to it," GOZMA continued, revealing that he had made an offer to the real DJ OZMA to appear in the entrance.
"Thankfully, OZMA has been really cooperative with our entrances. He has been right among the dancers, helping out. He told us that since it's such an important event, we should leave the entrance up to him and concentrate on the fight. So, we left everything up to DJ OZMA."
Apparently, GOZMA was deeply hurt when his upcoming opponent, Denis Kang, said that he was a high-level technician in his fights but his pre-fight performances were lacking. "I'm sure that as soon as he sees this performance, he will know that he's already lost. I'm aiming to destroy his will to fight with my entrance," GOZMA said.
If GOZMA beats Denis Kang, though, he will have another entrance on the same day for the Final Round. DJ OZMA's schedule is apparently packed and he may be unable to make it to the event by the Final Round. "If that's the way it works out, I will do the Final Round entrance by myself. I'm nervous. I have to think of another pattern but I've run out of ideas. I mean, if I make it all the way to the Final Round, I can't just come out normally, can I?" GOZMA commented.
"I'm seriously thinking about the Final Round. I don't know if my opponent will be Paulo (Filho) or Kazuo (Misaki), but I've got three different shorts ready, including the ones for Kang, so I'll be ready no matter who my opponent is," GOZMA said, revealing his confidence that he will defeat Kang and advance to the Final Round.
"It's completely different than martial arts. It won't help me at all," GOZMA commented on his dance training. "Of course, I know that I'm going to get tired from dancing. DSE told me I could have up to five minutes in my entrance, so this is really a handicap match, with a five-minute entrance, a ten-minute first round and a five-minute second round! Despite going up against a tough opponent like Denis Kang, I'm handicapping myself and I will overcome that handicap!"
When there was a pause in the questions, GOZMA asked, "By the way, aren't any of you going to ask me about the fight?"
"It feels like if I don't win this time, when will I win? I've got standing and grappling techniques that are finally perfect. If I can get them, the fight is over."
"I went to a bar for a final night out before the fight and the owner told me that everything would be on the house if I won. I even got an e-mail of support from a girlfriend that dumped me a long time ago. She really hurt me back then. Anyway, everything's going my way," GOZMA attempted to explain the reason for his confidence.
"When I first appeared in PRIDE, I told the fans that they needed to learn more about martial arts. I've changed, though. Over the past two years I've grown and now I want the fans that come to see the fights to have a great time. Letting the fans have a good time is the most important thing. So, now matter what DSE says, I want to entertain the fans. I won't give into pressure and become stiff because I can give my best when I'm having fun. I won't give in to pressure. It's going to be hot when I make my entrance. And if I lose despite that, then there's nothing I can do about that."