Fedor Emelianenko arrived at Korea's Incheon International Airport on August 28th. Emelianenko is extremely popular in Korea and was met at the airport by more than 100 fans, in addition 50 members of the mass media from five television stations, newspapers and martial arts magazines.

Emelianenko's first destination was Korea's largest theme park, Lotte World. Although he came to hold an exchange meeting with his fans, media and fans gathered as soon as he arrived and the situation became frantic inside the park. Fans screamed "Fedor!" when they saw him moving through the park and some fans even chased him. Emelianenko, a big roller-coaster fan, rode on many of the rides in the park and later appeared in a meeting with the fans held inside the park. More than 300 fans gathered for the meeting with Emelianenko, where he worked hard to make his fans happy and to make the event a success by giving autographs and handshakes.
The next morning, Emelianenko visited the offices of Cykan Entertainment, the Korean video game company that has chosen Emelianenko as the image character for the online martial arts game, RFC (Real Fighting Championship). There he was greeted by more than 200 employees and took a tour of the company while receiving explanations of the company and the video game from their staff. "My fight against Mark Coleman in October at Las Vegas has been confirmed," Emelianenko said. "He's an American fighter, so I may not have many supporters there. Please come to Las Vegas to support me!" Cykan Entertainment President, Mr. Kim, promised strong support, saying that he would take his employees to Las Vegas to cheer for Emelianenko.
Emelianenko appeared at a press conference for the online game RFC in the afternoon. The scale of the conference was large, with more than 100 members of the mass media present, owing to both Emelianenko's popularity in Korea and Cykan President Kim's fame within the Korean video game industry. Once the conference concluded, Emelianenko was interviewed by gaming magazines, martial arts magazines, newspapers and television shows.
In the afternoon, Emelianenko appeared on the popular variety show "Go Super Korean 2", broadcast on the same network that broadcasts PRIDE events, XTM. The show was recorded at a sports gym in Seoul, where Emelianenko instructed eight young fighters who are aiming to compete in PRIDE. He used all the time available to carefully teach them pounding and joint-lock techniques.