PRIDE Heavyweight Champion Fedor Emelianenko traveled to Korea on August 28th for four days. Emelianenko was been selected as an image character in the martial arts game RFC (Real Fighting Championship), developed by Korean video game maker Cykan Entertainment.

Emelianenko had a hectic schedule during his trip to Korea, holding press conferences, filming commercials for the video game, giving interviews and meeting with his Korean fans.

Fedor Emelianenko arrived in Korea on August 28th. During his first two days, Emelianenko was busy with promotional activities. On the 3rd day, August 30th, Emelianenko's day began early in the morning when he participated in photo sessions and the filming of a commercial for RFC (Real Fighting Championship), the online martial arts game that for which he will serve as the image character. The filming was conducted at a warehouse in the Seoul suburbs and Emelianenko was excited to be in his first commercial! Punching with full force in the filming, he reassured the staff about the condition of his fist before his upcoming October fight against Mark Coleman. The filming stretched from early morning to late at night but if Emelianenko was tired, he never showed it, smiling at the other actors and staff and generally keeping the location's mood light and lively.
On his last day in Korea, Emelianenko participated in the production of the popular MBC show, "Mugen Chosen" [Infinite Challenge]. On this show, popular Korean entertainers and celebrities challenge themselves against sports athletes each week. Previous guests have included, famous athletes such as Tiger Woods and Maria Sharapova have appeared on the show. This week's show featured challenges that would be both frightening and enviable to PRIDE fans, such as Emelianenko putting arm-bars on the entertainers and experiencing his punching power from the mount position. Although the audience laughed as the entertainers struggled, the participants themselves were quite serious during the filming.
Despite only being in Korea for four days, Emelianenko eagerly participated in television appearances, commercial tapings, magazine interviews, meeting with the fans, etc. Fans called out to him wherever he went, showing both Emelianenko's popularity and the excitement of mixed martial arts in Korea.