The Chute Boxe Academy members held a public training session at the PRIDE Dojo "Dreamers" in Tokyo on September 6th. Wanderlei Silva, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua and Evangelista "Cyborg" Santos will compete in the PRIDE FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE 2006 on September 10th at Saitama Super Arena.

For a moment, the Chute Boxe gang took over the PRIDE Dojo. Arriving in Japan only hours before their public training session, the Chute Boxe team showed now signs of being tired from their long journey and immediately began warming up as soon as they arrived at the dojo. The Dojo was transformed into the Chute Boxe Academy as each of the Chute Boxe fighters took turns doing mitt training with Fujimar, the leader of Chute Boxe and Raphael Cordeiro, a Chute Boxe coach.

The first fighter to head for the ring was Shogun. Shogun injured his right elbow in his fight with Mark Coleman in February. "I had surgery (on my elbow) and I'm 100% recovered," Shogun said. However, Shogun has wounds on his left arm and hips. He explained that he parked his car in front of his home two weeks ago but forgot to put on the parking break and was run over by his own car! "It won't affect my fight though," Shogun added. "I'm fine. It's just embarrassing! (laughing)"

Shogun unleashed a powerful series of punches to the mitts held by Raphael Cordeiro, proving Shogun's declaration that he his in top condition for this fight. There's no doubt that Shogun wants to show everyone that his injuries haven't affected him and that his comeback will be complete in his fight on Sunday.

Cyborg climbed into the ring after Shogun and not wanting to be shown up by Shogun, showed off his own powerful punches. Cyborg's impressive power only adds to the already strong physical presence coming from his Mohawk hairstyle and the tattoos covering his back. Cyborg, smiling, revealed that he also got married just a few days earlier, "I haven't been on a honeymoon yet because of this fight, so I really want to beat Nishijima and go on a honeymoon. (laughing)" Cyborg, having been completely shut down by Kazuhiro Nakamura in his PRIDE debut, is looking to redeem himself in this upcoming fight against Yosuke Nishijima.

Lastly, Silva entered the ring. While Shogun and Cyborg warmed up a little before the got in the ring and worked the mitts, Silva covered himself in Thai oil and took great care in warming his body up. Once he got into the ring, he punched mitts held by Fujimar at a rather slow pace. The punches weren't wild. Silva seemed to be checking each punch he threw and he had the aura of a Champion.

Silva, who normally fights as a Middleweight, needs to have an impressive physique to be able to fight two bouts in one night against Heavyweight fighters. According to Silva, he carefully followed the advice of his physical trainer and ate only high-quality foods and supplements for this fight. Additionally, he normally weights 100kg and drops several kilograms before a fight but this time, he weighs 99kg and is at his best weight and conditioning.
Silva faced Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic, his opponent in the upcoming Semi-Final Round, in 2001, in a special-rules match, consisting of five, three-minute rounds with no decision. Silva wasn't able to knock Filipovic out within the allotted time but Silva was able to strike toe-to-tie with him, even grabbing Filipovic's kicking leg and taking him down several times, causing many fans and insiders to believe that Silva would have won the decision had the rules allowed for one. "I think Mirko has improved as a mixed martial arts fighter," Silva said. Yet, he also declared that he won the winner in their next fight, "I think I was winning our fight four years ago and I will prove it in this fight."

When Silva heard that Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, who held a public training session a day earlier, hoped to fight Silva in the Final Round, he replied, "That's what I want to. I think every PRIDE fan wants to see (a Silva VS Nogueira fight) and it would be perfect if that fight could take place in the Final Round of the Grand Prix." Both Silva and Nogueira want to have a match to decide who is stronger between them and who is the strongest fighter in the world. Will both fighters be able to win their way to the Final Round and realize this dream card?

The Chute Boxe team began training again as soon as the reporters finished their questions. They continued to train for more than an hour and a half as Silva's entrance theme song echoed throughout the dojo.