An additional match for the PRIDE FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE 2006, the Final Round of the Open Weight Grand Prix to be held in Saitama Super Arena on September 10th. Mixed martial arts veteran Ricardo Morais will take on MMA newcomer, and the hero of Korean Ssireum, Lee Tae Hyun.

▼Non-Tournament Single Match

Lee Tae Hyun (Korea/Team Aegis)


Ricardo Morais (Brazil/Boxe Thai)

Lee Tae Hyun, the hero and Champion of Korean sumo Ssireum, recently announced his switch to PRIDE Fighting Championships. Lee, a Super Heavyweight, stands at 198cm and weighs 138kg. Wasting no time, Lee's PRIDE debut has already been confirmed and taking him on will be "Jujitsu Monster" and MMA veteran, Ricardo Morais, another Super Heavyweight who stands 205cm and weighs 121kg.

Morais has two losses in PRIDE but his pre-PRIDE career is long and many men have fallen victim to his giant fists. While Lee may have an extremely high potential, a giant fighter such as Morais is an incredibly dangerous opponent for his MMA debut. As an added bonus to the viewing fans, this fight will be interesting as it is likely the first bout between Ssireum and Brazilian Jujitsu fighters.

Lee's chances of victory will depend on how many mixed martial arts techniques he has been able to absorb in this short timeframe. Will Lee, the hero of Korean Ssireum, be the first fighter to earn a memorable victory using Ssireum techniques in his MMA debut? Or will the Jujitsu Monster teach him a lesson about the extremes of mixed martial arts? All eyes in Asia will be focused on this Super Heavyweight bout!