A press conference was held on August 22nd at the Dream Stage Entertainment office in Aoyama Tokyo to announce two non-tournament match additions to the PRIDE FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE 2006 event, the Final Round of the Open Weight Grand Prix, to be held on September 10th at the Saitama Super Arena.

The additions include Nakamura and Nakao, in a Japanese versus Japanese match, and Nishijima and Cyborg, in a striker versus striker match.

▼ Non-Tournament Single Match

Kazuhiro Nakamura (Japan/Yoshida Dojo)


Yoshihiro "KISS" Nakao (Japan/Freelance)

The fireworks between these two fighters went off at the PRIDE FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE 2006 2nd Round press conference on June 15th of this year. Nakao joked with the gathered reporters at the announcement of his first PRIDE fight, saying, "My opponent is really good looking. I don't want to fight an ugly guy!" Kazu, however, looked unimpressed, stood in front of Nakao and said, "What he did before was different and he doesn't understand how tough PRIDE is. This is now place for jokes and you had better be ready."

Following the press conference, Kazu said, "It's not that I hate Nakao. It's just that I feel very strongly about PRIDE, which is why I was at the press conference today, but Nakao's attitude is different. It makes me angry to see someone joking around like that. Nobody loves PRIDE more than I do."

This match is more about the beliefs of both fighters as it is a match up of judo and wrestling. Both fighters will put their pride on the line in this battle. There is a lot of risk for Kazu if he should lose considering everything he has said this far but should he win, it will serve as a lesson to all newcomers about the challenge of fighting in PRIDE!

▼ Non-Tournament Single Match

Yousuke Nishijima (Japan/Takada Dojo)


Evangelista Cyborg (Brazil/Chute Boxe Academy)

Cyborg was completely dominated in his last fight against "Kazu" Nakamura but don't be fooled into thinking that was his true strength. Now Cyborg will have the perfect opponent against which to measure his true strength. His opponent, Nishijima, will be in his first fight since his loss against Kazu's teacher, Hidehiko Yoshida. In his debut fight, Nishijima fought Mark Hunt and then went on to fight Hidehiko Yoshida. Similar to Cyborg, Nishijima hasn't been able to show his true strengths because he was immediately thrown in against some of the world's best fighters and it's difficult to judge the future potential of either fighter just by that.

Both fighters are strikers and this will be a test of Nishijima's boxing and Cyborg's Chute Boxe-brand of muay thai. Both fighters are perfect for bringing out the best in their opponent. The only question remaining is who will be able to use this chance to advance in PRIDE?