A press conference was held in a hotel in Seoul, Korea on August 8th to announce that Tae Hyun Lee, a hero of Korean sumo Ssireum, will compete in PRIDE Fighting Championships. The interest of the Korean media in this announcement was evident as approximately 100 journalists from Korean newspapers, magazines and TV and cable networks were present at the conference.

At the start of the press conference, PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada greeted the newest challenger, "Lee, welcome to PRIDE"

"I'm very happy that Lee, a super star of Ssireum, has decided to compete in PRIDE. There are currently very few (non-Japanese) Asian (MMA) fighters and we have very high hopes for Lee. He has the potential to take out Fedor, Mirko and Nogueira. I believe that he is that strong and I am very excited," Takada continued, expounding on both Lee's potential and his hopes for the newcomer.
Dream Stage Entertainment CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara also welcomed the Korean superstar's participation. "I would first like to express respect for Lee's courageous decision to join PRIDE. Lee is the pride of Korea and I'm eager to see both the spirit and body that Ssireum built standing in the PRIDE ring."

"Competing in PRIDE means fighting on the world stage. While some people may worry for me, I will keep everyone's support close to me and do my very best," Tae Hyun Lee greeted the Korean fans with a message befitting a true sportsman.