Dream Stage Entertainment held a press conference on August 8th in Seoul, Korea, to announce the participation in PRIDE FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIPS of Korean sumo Ssireum Champion, Tae Hyun Lee. The Korean hero's new challenge sent a shock wave throughout Korea as the excitement surrounding PRIDE continues to heat up.

The hero of Ssireum, Korean sumo, will finally make his first appearance in PRIDE. Known as the "prince of the dohyo (sumo ring)", Tae Hunt Lee made his debut in 1993 and including his three defenses of his position as the Open Weight Ssireum Grand Champion in the professional Ssireum league, has been the Heavy Weight Ssireum Grand Champion a total of 18 times, tying for the world record.
To put Lee's record in perspective, compare it to professional martial artist Choi Hong-man's record of one-time Open Weight Ssireum Grand Champion and two-time Heavy Weight Ssireum Grand Champion. Incidentally, Lee has five wins against Choi and only two losses.
Lee has held Ssireum's highest position for 14 years and is an authentic hero of the Korean sports world. His record is 472 wins and 158 losses, an amazing 74.9% winning record and he currently holds the record for most wins in Ssireum. He is literally the strongest Ssireum competitor in Korea.
Lee stands at 6'5", weighs 304 pounds, and combines a balanced body with a sharp mind. Lee's techniques are faster than anyone else's in the Heavyweight Division and he is recognized as the greatest competitor in Ssireum for his superior Ssireum techniques, not just his powerful body.
There is not doubt that Lee's participation in PRIDE will further increase the excitement surrounding PRIDE in Korea.