Two matches for the August 26th PRIDE BUSHIDO SURVIVAL 2nd ROUND event, the second round of the BUSHIDO Welterweight tournament, to be held in Nagoya's Rainbow Hall, were announced. Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Mitsuhiro Ishida will now appear on the card, both taking on tough Brazilian fighters that are out to make a name for themselves in Japan.

▼ Non-Tournament Lightweight Match
Mitsuhiro Ishida (Japan/T-BLOOD)
Cristiano Marcello (Brazil/Chute Boxe Academy)

Chute Boxe is sending out a new "jujitsu fighter" to enter the PRIDE ring. Marcello is the jujitsu coach at Chute Boxe and people that know him, know that he's a jujitsu master. This man is the reason that the ground games of Silva, Shogun and Ninja have improved. Marcello is a student of Royler Gracie and studied jujitsu from Rickson and Royler Gracie while living in Rickson's house. Although many jujitsu fighters are defensive, Marcello is aggressive, preferring a style of jujitsu that seeks out submissions and he has earned the respect of everyone at Chute Boxe.
Marcello will enter PRIDE with both his jujitsu techniques and the striking he's learned at Chute Boxe. Meeting Marcello on the battlefield will be one of Japan's new lightweight hopes, Mitsuhiro Ishida. Ishida recently shot up in the ranks after virtually destroying Marcus Aurelio, who beat current Lightweight Champion Takanori Gomi with a choke.
Will this fight be decided by Ishida's unstoppable takedowns or by Marcello's aggressive jujitsu? This will be a fast paced fight that the fans won't be able to take their eyes off of.

▼ Non-Tournament Lightweight Match
Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (Japan/Mach Dojo)
Luciano Azevedo (Brazil/ Renovacao Fight Team)

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai made a spectacular comeback when he defeated Olaf Alfonso with a right hook, resulting in a beautiful KO, in the June 4th PRIDE BUSHIDO 11. Sakurai's opponent this time will be PRIDE newcomer, Luciano Azevedo. Azevedo has studied luta libre in Brazil since he was eight years old and although he made his mixed martial arts debut in 2003, he lost two consecutive fights by decision. After that, though, he began using his strong submission skills to score nine consecutive wins. In particular, Azevedo won five fights in 2005, all submissions via joint-lock, showing his impressive ability to finish his fights. In March of this year, Azevedo scored a big victory when he beat UFC fighter Din Thomas in the WCFC. Now Brazil's newest star will make his first appearance in BUSHIDO.
Mach is now a veteran fighter and there are many young fighters, both in Japan and overseas, who are out to take his spot. Mach is a high hurdle for newcomers to overcome. Will Azevedo be the one to finally do it?