The "Fireball Kid", TAKANORI GOMI is looking for a fight as he takes on PRIDE newcomer David Baron in a non tournament bout this August 27th, at BUSHIDO SURVIVAL 2ND ROUND. Gomi's opponent, David Baron, is a tough fighter making his Japan debut and the PRO SHOOTO European Champion.

Baron is an avid French Judo veteran who has been training in Judo since he was nine years and has competed in more than 100 Judo competitions. He brings with him an impressive MMA win record of 10 wins to 1 loss. GOMI is also an experinced MMA veteran who also has an impressive PRIDE record of 10 wins and 1 loss.

▼ Non-Tournament Lightweight Match
Takanori Gomi (Japan/Kugayama Rascal Gym)
David Baron (France/French Connection)

The Lightweight Champion, Takanori Gomi, will finally make his return! It has been nearly four months since Gomi's shocking loss by choke to Marcus Aurelio at Ariake Coliseum on April 2nd, Gomi's first loss in PRIDE, and Gomi has chosen Nagoya to make his comeback. Gomi has left Kiguchi Dojo and opened his own gym, the Kugayama Rascal Gym. Now with a new training environment, a refreshed Takanori Gomi will make his return to the PRIDE ring.
David Baron, Gomi's opponent, is a strong but relatively unknown fighter in Japan. Starting judo at nine, Baron has earned his black belt and won the All France Army Judo Open Tournament, no small feat in a country that is know for its talented judo players. Baron made his mixed martial arts debut in November 2001 and now has an outstanding record of ten wins and one loss. Five of his wins have come through submission and three have come through knockouts. Also known as Europe's number one pounder, Baron combined his judo base with fierce punches, both standing and on the ground, to become the first PRO SHOOTO European Middleweight Champion in March 2005. Baron is ranked number four in SHOOTO'S Middleweight world rankings.
Both fighters are hard punchers and this will be a thrilling striking battle where either fighter could find himself suddenly falling to the mat. However, Gomi will have to be on his toes because Baron's judo background and submissions skills could lead to a repeat of his fight with Aurelio.