The 2nd annual Beach Wrestling Don Quijote Cup was held at Oarai Beach in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan on July 30th. PRIDE's Yoshihiro "KISS" Nakao participate in an exhibition wrestling match.

While the wind was strong and below sand across the beach, the day's event was blessed with sunny weather as the competition unfolded.
Beach Wrestling is an event jointly produced by PRIDE and the Japan Wrestling Federation, and is officially recognized by FILA, the International Federation of Associated Wrestling Styles. Wrestling in the ancient days of Greece and Rome was held on wet sand and FILA recognized this version of wrestling in an effort to spread understanding of wrestling in developing nations.
Today's event was the second held thus far. Formed just this year, the Yamanashi Gakuin Pancratium Team also participated in the competition, producing strong results and exciting the spectators through their heated battles. A group from the Yoshida Dojo and former judo star Kayo Kitada also competed, putting up valiant fights despite the unfamiliar rules.
Saori Yoshida, 55kg gold medallist in women's wrestling at the Athens Olympics, Kaori Ichou, 63kg gold medallist in women's wrestling at the Athens Olympics, and her sister Chiharu, 48kg silver medallist in women's wrestling at the Athens Olympics, and Kyoko Hamaguchi, 72kg bronze medallist in women's wrestling at the Athens Olympics, gave exhibition matches before the Final Match. In addition to PRIDE'S Yoshihiro "KISS" Nakao's participation, Norifumi "KID" Yamamoto also made an appearance. The media recently reported Yamamoto's return to competitive wrestling.
Nakao put on an exhibition match with the cooperation of two "boys" who had high-school wrestling experience. Nakao excited the crowd with strong throws, revealing his abilities as one Japan's strongest heavyweight wrestlers. Commenting that he received the "essence of the young men," hopefully Nakao will be able to make use of that "essence" in his next PRIDE match.
Additionally, Hidehiko Yoshida appeared as a guest and encouraged the competitors.