Sergei Kharitonov versus Aleksander Emelianenko has been confirmed for PRIDE FIGHTING'S September 10 event, FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE. These former teammates will go to war as KHARITONOV returns after suffering a shoulder injury in PRIDE 31 and EMELIANENKO coming off of a loss agaisnt JOSH BARNETT. Both Russians will return to the ring and do battle in a reserve match this September at FINAL CONFLICT ABSOLUTE!

▼ PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix 2006 Tournament Reserve Match
Sergei Kharitonov (Russia/Russian Top Team)
Alexander Emelianenko (Russia/Red Devil)

A long-awaited card is now realized as a reserve match for the Open Weight Grand Prix! Although many fans were hoping for a brother versus brother match in the Final Round of the Grand Prix, with Alexander Emelianenko facing his brother Fedor, Alexander's let his chance to advance escape when he lost to Josh Barnett in the Opening Round. Now Alexander will return and go head-to-head against Sergei Kharitonov, who was unable to enter the tournament due to injuries. This will be a battle to decide who will follow in Fedor's footsteps as Russia's second strongest fighter.
Coincidentally, both fighters made their PRIDE debut on the same day, October 5th, 2003, in PRIDE BUSHIDO. While both of the Heavyweight stars began their careers on the same day, the time has come for one of them to take the lead in a match that could easily be in the Final Round of the tournament itself. Kharitonov's record is seven wins and two losses. Alexander's record is five wins and two losses. Which one of these fierce Russian fighters will advance, and which will fall behind?