Dan Henderson, Quinton Jackson, Dean Lister and Kevin Randleman arrived in Osaka on April 19th in advance of their PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix 2005 opening round matches on April 23rd.



Dan Henderson

"I wasn't able to be in the last Grand Prix but there were some people that thought I would win. I don't know for sure because I didn't fight but I'm sure I would have been prepared and fought hard, and the results would have shown that. I was sick during my New Year's Eve match with Kondo but I'm in good condition this time. I'm working on a strategy for Rogerio. Rogerio is a complete fighter so he'll probably try to use striking to bring the fight to the ground. I think it will be a tough fight."

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

Although Jackson has become a devout Christian, the old "Rampage" was back this day, with no signs of being serious. "Shogun farts so I've got a strategy against his farts. Seriously, his farts are horrible. If he farts on me, I'm going to tap out fast. I'd rather him punch and KO me than fart on me," Jackson joked when asked about Shogun. "When he does a face stomp, he farts like a jet airplane. I'm going to hold my breath and fight when he farts, and I'm going to make sure my corner man bring some air freshener! I heard that Silva said Shogun is going to win but I don't care. I want to fight that referee Shimada in the finals of the Grand Prix for always giving me yellow cards."

Jackson's training must be going well if he feels confident enough to joke about Shogun. Jackson said that although he failed the weigh-in for his fight with Ninja and became dehydrated during the fight, he made weight this time, showing off his abdominal muscles. "I always fight hard, regardless of who my opponent is because that's how I live. Fighting is life to me and fighting is how I support my family," Jackson said, his expression becoming serious. Jackson grew out his hair for his fight with Ninja but returned to a shaved head for this fight. All the fans hope that "Rampage" will bring back his crazy style, along with the old haircut, when he gets in the ring on April 23rd.

Dean Lister

"There wasn't much time since the BUSHIDO tournament but there're no problems with my conditioning. I had a little damage but it was what I expected. Arona's a tough guy but I think I'm going to win."

Kevin Randleman

"I've been cutting weight since I was wrestling in college. Heavyweight fighters have big bodies and there's a lot of pressure but so in the middleweight division. I'm in perfect shape and the middleweight division is mine. I fought Mirko twice and he's one of the best in the heavyweight division. Looking at this tournament, Silva's the only top fighter here. I really want to win because of my last fight with Mirko. Nakamura teaches judo to children. People that teach things to other people are strong. That's why I got myself into the best condition before I came here and on Saturday, I'll do what I have to do."