On July 8th, Wanderlei Silva, the PRIDE Middleweight Champion, made a surprise appearance at America's largest caged mixed martial arts event, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, surprising the entire mixed martial arts world.

After watching the UFC event, Silva, along with Dream Stage Entertainment president Nobuyuki Sakakibara, visited the location where PRIDE will make their American debut, the Thomas & Mack Center. The Thomas & Mack Center is located near Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport and is a large venue used for professional sporting events, such as pro-boxing, basketball and ice hockey.
Additionally, Silva sent a message to the PRIDE fans following his tour of the venue.

To the PRIDE fans,

"Today, I stepped in the octagon and desire to fight grew even stronger. In November, I want to take out Chuck Liddell in November and become the first double PRIDE and UFC Champion in history. I hope the fans will continue to support me because I am going to prove that PRIDE is number one.
I visited the location where PRIDE will hold and event in October, the Thomas & Mack Center, along with Mr. Sakakibara, the president of Dream Stage Entertainment. I tremble with excitement when I think about a new era in PRIDE beginning here! This will definitely be a new challenge for me and I want as many people as possible in America to know how great PRIDE is.
I've heard that the wind is blowing against PRIDE but I want everyone to relax. As long as Wanderlei Silva is here, PRIDE will definitely be fine. I will absolutely protect it."