Chute Boxe's Acacio and Azeredo arrive in Japan in preparation for their April 3rd matches at PRIDE BUSHIDO 6. After arriving in Japan, they immediately held a public training session.

Daniel Acacio and Luiz Azeredo arrived in Japan on March 30th but they didn't appear tired from the long journey. Acacio demonstrated the same throw that Silva used, resulting in a broken shoulder for Sakuraba. Azeredo, a jiu-jitsu black belt, showed off his prolific submission skills, showing that Chute Boxe is not just a striker's academy.

"Coming to Japan is a great chance," Azeredo said. "I'm going to fight hard and use everything that I've learned. I want everyone to be happy that they watched my fight."

"I'm very happy that I can fight in Japan," added Acacio. "I'm in great shape and very relaxed. I want to fight just like I fight in Brazil. I'm going to use everything that I've learned in Chute Boxe."



Azeredo's opponent will be Luis Buscape, from the Brazilian Top Team, a submissions expert sometimes called "little Nogueira". "I think all of the fighters in PRIDE are strong. I'm ready to fight, whether he comes with striking or grappling," Azeredo said confidently. Buscape is one rival to Takanori Gomi's position as the BUSHIDO ace in the 73kg division. Winning this fight could instantly bring Azeredo to the rival position. "Gomi's a great fighter," Azeredo commented. "I'd like to fight him after this fight. Of course, I'll beat him and be number one."

Acacio, on the other hand, will take on one of Japan's greatest grapplers, Daijyu Takase. "He's a wonderful opponent. I'm happy that I can fight him. I want to use my own skills to win," Acacio continued. "I'm in the same weight class as Chonan, so I'd like to decide who is the strongest at 83kg."

Insiders say that Acacio's expression doesn't change at all when he's fighting. He faces his opponents with no fear. Wanderlei Silva recommended him and Acacio also serves as sparring partner for Silva.

Both fighters are the strongest in Chute Boxe within their weight classes. Both Fujimar and Silva have been recommended them for more than half a year. Fujimar, normally quiet, said after the meeting, "They are quite now but make no mistake, they will have great fights!"