Post-PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix 2006 Second Round Interview with Alistair Overeem

Alistair Overeem

Pride Fighting Championships: Do you accept that a towel being thrown in decided the fight?

Overeem: I'm extremely satisfied with fight overall but I injured myself in training last night and I don't agree with the end of the fight.

Pride: Was that injury the reason you taped your neck?

Overeem: Yes, my neck. I was just doing some light training on the ground but I hurt my neck.

Pride: You couldn't move your neck in the fight?

Overeem: It was stressful but my neck wouldn't move during the fight. I wasn't at 100% but I think I showed a good fight.

Pride: Was there anything else that bothered you?

Overeem: Just the injury.

Pride: Has your impression of Rogerio changed since you fought him last time?

Overeem: I think he was scared the last time. It went to the decision but his face was swollen and looked like he had taken damage. I think I was able to hurt him but it wasn't enough.

Pride: You were really angry right after the fight.

Overeem: I hurt my neck in the 1st round when I was on the bottom. My corner told me to go after Rogerio's leg but then he was worried about my neck and stopped me. I probably would have won if I had attacked his legs a little more. I was angry at the situation and my corner.

Pride: You weren't angry at the referee?

Overeem: It wasn't directed at the referee at all. It was directed at my corner.

Pride: You hit him with a lot of low kicks. Was that your plan?

Overeem: Yes. He's good at jujitsu so I thought if I aim for his legs, I can definitely knock him down and I had the chance. I think you can tell if you look at his face. I don't have any damage so you can see who has the better boxing skills. At any rate, my neck injury was the reason for this loss. I did my best, so I don't think I've given a fight that let down the fans or the promoters.

Pride: I think today's fight was an important one for the Middleweight Division. What do you think about losing your opportunity for revenge?

Overeem: I'm still young and I know that my time will come. I'm improving mentally and technically. I will get the title eventually.