Post-PRIDE Open Weight Grand Prix 2006 Second Round Interview with Pawel Nastula

Pride Fighting Championships: That was a beautiful win.

Pawel Nastula: I feel great. This was my 3rd fight and my first win, so I'm very happy. Thank you very much.

Pride: When you were on top, you didn't go for a submission. Was that because you wanted to punch him?

Nastula: It was a little early and his arm was slippery. It was also good timing. I was able to understand his techniques and use the techniques that I wanted to us.

Pride: Your opponent is good at boxing. What was your impression of him?

Nastula: My head coach and head manager changed my training and preparation after my fight with Alexander. My breathing, use of energy and use of striking have evolved and since I knew my opponent was a boxer, I was able to use the training I've done over the past half year.

Pride: You've become stronger as a mixed martial artist?

Nastula: I don't want to sound like I'm bragging at all. I think, after this fight today, I've progressed as a martial artist. I've still got a lot to learn, though.

Pride: You punched a lot in this match. How much stronger have your punches become?

Nastula: I don't know how much I've advanced myself. That's for the fans and the reporters to decide. I haven't seen this but thanks to this fight, I've gained a little confidence in my striking.

Pride: Your opponent was on top and you took some punches until you went for the arm-bar. Were you worried?

Nastula: More than being worried, I could feel myself running out of stamina, so I decided to go for the arm-bar. It's one of my better techniques, so I was confident.

Pride: Who would you like to fight next?

Nastula: If possible, I'd like to fight a Japanese.

Pride: Why?

Nastula: Japanese fighters are some of the most technical fighters in the world, so I would like to fight a Japanese fighter.

Pride: Specifically who? Yoshida?

Nastula: Anyone, as long as they are Japanese.

Pride: When do you want to fight next?

Nastula: I haven't thought about that at all. Since I didn't get any injuries this time, I'd like to fight as soon as possible.