On Thurs, Jun 22nd, PRIDE FIGHTING was at the annual DIRECT TV Programmers Fair Segundo with hundreds of giveaways such as DVD's, posters, calendars, key chains and much more.

Thanks to PRIDE and DIRECT TV, nearly 2000 lucky employees had the chance to meet THE BABY FACED ASSASSIN JOSH BARNETT and PRIDE color commentator FRANK TRIGG. Fighters answered fans' questions, took pictures and autographed just about everything from posters to calendars.



This "meet and greet" allowed PRIDE and its fighters to say "thank you" to DIRECT TV employees for their valiant efforts and hard work, while providing greater exposure to mixed martial arts in the United States. All in all, the three hour event was memorable for both fighters and fans alike and PRIDE hopes to bring more to the U.S. in the near future!