Takanori Gomi appeared as a guest celebrity at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2006, held by MTV Japan on May 27th.
Fans screamed "Gomi!" as Takanori Gomi made his way down the red carpet. "The type of entrance was different (than that of PRIDE) today so I was extremely nervous," Gomi said, adding that although he was nervous, he had a lot of fun at the event.

Gomi was also the only athlete to serve as a presenter at this award ceremony. With the excitement from Michael Jackson's appearance still in the air, Gomi was greeted was met with a festival-like atmosphere and incredible cheers when he appeared. "I think it would be great if the atmosphere at PRIDE Bushido were like that, too," Gomi commented.
Gomi seemed nervous through his appearance at Japan's largest music festival, a stage much unlike the ring he is used to, but he served well as the face of PRIDE Bushido.