BUSHIDO 11 Interviews With Murilo Bustamante and Amar Suloev

Murilo Bustamante: I've been able to cut weight very well for this match. Actually, it's went too well and lost too much weight last week. I've had a physical trainer looking after me for the last 5 years and I'm careful about my food, in addition to training hard.

He will be in my corner.
In addition to boxing sparring with the Nogueira brothers at BTT, I've also been sparring with amateur and pro boxers at a boxing gym. Of course, I've also made time for jujitsu and wrestling. I'm always training in jujitsu in particular, since it is my base.
I don't feel any weaker because of my age. I'm still training as I always have and I train with the younger fighters, too. I'm getting better, rather than weaker. If I ever feel that I'm getting weaker, I will think about the future then.
I believe this will be the most difficult Grand Prix in the history of PRIDE. You have to be technically and physically well prepared, in addition training, in order to win in the Grand Prix, and you have to study your opponent. Luck will also be important. The fighter who has all of that will stand at the top. I'm confident that I won't lose to anyone in terms of experience and ground techniques, and I've already studied Suloev.
To all the fans, please watch this high-level Grand Prix. Also, don't forget to support my teammate Paulo Filho and me.

Amar Suloev: My condition is very good. This will be my first PRIDE fight in about a year. I knew I would definitely fight in PRIDE again and now I feel like I have returned to PRIDE.
I have become remarkably stronger over this past year. Until now, I was never satisfied with my preparations when I went into my fights but this time, I've had a good training environment and increased the amount of training. Specifically, I've increased my sparring and running. I train two, and sometimes four, times more than a year ago. Thanks to that, I will be able to enter this fight in my best shape ever. You will see a stronger Amar Suloev on Sunday.
My opponent for the Opening Round, Bustamante, is an extremely good fighter. I know that he has an incredible record and it's an honor for me to be able to fight that kind of fighter. I'm not afraid of Bustamante, though. I'm not scared of any of his techniques and if I ever thought my opponent is scary, I wouldn't climb into the ring. Bustamante is a world-famous fighter but that doesn't motivate me and this is just a regular fight for me. I plan on knocking Bustamante out with my improved striking.
Fights in PRIDE are always difficult. This Grand Prix will be a collection of the world's strongest fighters and it will be truly tough tournament. I think it's necessary to give all that you have in order to win your way up this tournament. Some of the Japanese hardcore fans have apparently said that I'm a candidate to win. I'm truly happy to hear that and I will do my best to make it happen.
To the fans, thank you for your support. I pray that you will all have success in your lives, and I will give a great fight for you on Sunday.