Interviews with Denis Kang and Marcus Aurelio

Following weigh-ins at the PRIDE Dojo in Tokyo on June 3rd, American Top Team members Denis Kang and Marcus Aurelio spoke about their upcoming bouts in the PRIDE BUSHIDO 11 and PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix 2006 Opening Round event.

Denis Kang: I'm really excited because the real battle is about to start. My opponent this time, Murilo Ninja, has dropped a weight class so he has probably lost power. I think I am also better than him in other areas too, not just power.
I wasn't able to compete in last year's Grand Prix so I'm very motivated for this year's Grand Prix. This is a tournament to decide the best and I plan using all my experience in this fight.
Chute Boxe has an aggressive fighting style and I've been training for that this year. I've been training to counter punch when my opponent comes at me. I want to be able to use that in my fight.

Marcus Aurelio: I weighed in without any problems and my conditioning is very good. Now I will just get ready for my fight.
Ishida was in very good shape and I felt that he is prepared. I want both of us to have a good fight.
I'm underestimating Ishida? Not at all. I trained the same as I did for Gomi and it will probably be a tough fight. I will do my best to use all of my strengths.