Interviews With Hayato "Mach" Sakurai and Olaf Alfonso

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai: I really wanted to fight with a mask on but they told me I couldn't. It's fine, though, because I rarely get hit. I watch my opponent's fights on tape.

He's interesting and does some crazy things. He bets it all on a single punch so I don't think he's someone you can underestimate. I will fight carefully.
My weight is fine. I didn't go to train in America this time. Why? Many reasons. I'm Japanese and America is good but I can't there every time I have a fight. I went to many different places to train. I trained about 3 times each at Sakurada's place (GUTSMAN SHOOTO Dojo), Kosaka's place (A-SQUARE), Yoshida Dojo and GRABAKA.
This is my first fight in about half a year so I'm looking forward to it. My opponent also seems fun. He said what? He said that we are both entertainers so it will be a good fight? That's great. I will finish it before that, though. Sorry, there's no place for you here. I will be the only entertainer. What else did he say? He's climbing trees? I climb ropes. What else? I'm a fighter with spirit? That's true. That's the only thing he got right. Sorry but everything else he said isn't going to work out in this fight. I don't think he will be able to do anything.
His nose is really crooked. I'm going to put it back in place for him. I'm going to make him into a handsome boy because I plan on finishing the fight before it can even become good. After that, he can go to the circus. I want him to fight in the circus and entertain the people that come to watch. This will be over in seconds. Yes, I'm going to finish him in seconds. I want to finish him early and then go on to the next step because there are a lot of things that I want to do.
To the fans, I'm sorry for causing you any concern over the recent incident but I am perfectly fine.

Olaf Alfonso: I'm excited that I can fight in PRIDE because I think this is the greatest martial arts event. I've wanted to fight in PRIDE from about 3 years ago.
I believe that I'm an aggressive, interesting fighter. Unlike other fighters, I always want to do something new. It's more important for me to entertain the fans rather than just win when I fight. My backbone is Greco Roman and freestyle wrestling, judo, kung fu and boxing. I put a lot of different skills together when I fight. I don't get caught up in one field and I try to put together new moves. The first thing is to entertain the fans and my safety comes after that. I want the fans to be thinking about my style when they are going home.
I'm concentrating mainly on mediation in my training now. I also go into the Mexican jungles, swim, climb trees and do training that other fighters don't do. I train in nature. My body responds more when I listen to my heart, rather than just sparring all the time. I've always looked up to the samurai.
Mach has a very strong spirit and I don't think it will be easy to beat him. We will both give a good fight as entertainers, though. In that sense, I'm a good opponent. We are going to excite the fans.
My bent nose? It became this way after taking damage for a long time. (laughing) I first broke it 8 years ago and I've broken it about 9 times in total. Once you break it the first time, it becomes easier to break. The last time I broke it was about 2 or 3 years ago, when my girlfriend punched me. (laughing) I'm proud that my nose is bent. My entire body is covered with injuries, not just my nose, because my fights are crazy and I'm willing to get injured.
My hairstyle and side-burns? They're normal for meSometimes I do see my face in the mirror and think I look like a samurai, though.