Interviews with Tatsuya Kawajiri and Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett

Tatsuya Kawajiri:I met Bennett at the press conference but he was normal. He was smiling when he came to shake my hand. He said something in English but I didn't understand him.

He said he was going to kill me? I'm not so easy to kill and I will be fighting with the intent to kill him, too.
He's a PRIDE fighter so, of course, I know he is tough. I'm not underestimating him. I've had a lot of fights where I was the obvious winner and I want to meet those expectations and win this fight, too.
Bennett's punches are strong and his Greco Roman wrestling throws are intense, too. He has an explosiveness that is unique to black men and that we Japanese don't have. I will have to be careful of that when we fight. I know there are some PRIDE fans that have forgotten about me so I want to appeal to them while there's no ace and aim for the top. (laughing) My last fight didn't go well (March DQ win over Joachim Hansen in SHOOTO) and I'm going to use everything that I've been saving up for the past 8 months against Bennett.
Team Ibaraki? All 3 of us are fighting in the same place so I hope we can motivate each other and win. Mach is my goal, so I'm glad we both fight in the same ring. I want all 3 of us to win and show everyone that we are Team Ibaraki. I want to show everyone that the Mecca of Japanese mixed martial arts is in Ibaraki. I was sparring a little with Mach before the public training session and I feel good now that we are going back to our roots because I don't want to forget how I felt when I began martial arts. I wanted to become strong.
My physical training is going well. Even though I reduced my sparring, I've still been doing intense training. Doing pushups, climbing up and down hills with people on my back, pulling, pushing, etc. I've done it so much that I'm starting to hate it. I've gained 3 kg as a result, though. I think it was very effective and now there's nothing to do but show off those results in the fight. My punches are stronger and in terms of strength, I could compete with a fighter in a higher weight class. I only feel positive about my physical training.
Even so, I only lift weights once or twice per week. I do pushups and squats, and don't use machines in my training. I've been doing basic, but tough, exercises. I think this is what I've always lacked until now. I think you will see at first glance how my body has changed when I'm in the ring. My legs are definitely bigger. There's no point in talking about my body all the time, though, so I'll just ask every to watch but not expect too much. (laughing)
This event will revolve around the Welterweight Division but I'm not going to be a supporting actor. Actually, it's more likely that all 3 Team Ibaraki fighters will have amazing fights and blow the Welterweight Division out of the water, and I want to stand out the most.
Aurelio really seems to be looking past Ishida. It pisses me off when my teammate is being underestimated and I'm angry as a Japanese. I definitely want Ishida to teach him a lesson when he beats Aurelio.
To all of the PRIDE fans, I'm going to show you a crazy, unstoppable and tough Kawajiri, so look forward to it!

Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett: (Putting red and blue trunks on his lap) I'm not sure which I should use. When I wear the red trunks, I feel like I want to kill someone and I wear the blue ones when I'm unhappy.
After I fought Ken Kaneko on New Year's Eve, I really planned on becoming an actor but I had so many things to do that I couldn't. I will probably become an actor in the near future, though. I've received several offers for action films and I'm thinking about auditioning but it's important to train in order to fight a strong guy like Kawajiri and I put the priority on that. I want to study acting. I think everyone will become happy if I show them my million-dollar smile when they are nervous.
I had some family problems after my fight with Kaneko. I wasn't able to concentrate on fighting and lost two consecutive fights, but I don't have any problems this time. I'm angry over those problems and I want to use that anger against Kawajiri. I can beat Gomi, so there's no way I'm going to lose to Kawajiri, who lost to Gomi. I'm stronger than Kawajiri and I don't think I will lose. Now I decided. I'm going to wear the red trunks this time. I want to see blood and my opponent's death. (laughing)
It doesn't matter if my opponent is Kawajiri or anyone else. I always fight with anger. I won't forgive anybody who tries to damage this cute face! Kawajiri, try to cut my face! I'm going to take you out before you can!
This time I'm going to stand with Kawajiri rather than ground and pound. I respect Kawajiri, so I will fight in a corresponding style. (smiling) My fighting style is a little crazy. All the fans out there, pay attention to the Krazy Horse's fight!