Interviews With Jason Black and Ou Won Jin

Jason Black: I'm very happy that I will be able to fight in PRIDE. I don't feel any pressure at all. I wasn't forced to come here. I wanted to come here.

I don't imagine that I will give a bad performance and I will do my best to have a great fight. I feel very strongly that I'm fighting for myself, so I don't feel any pressure.
People often say that I'm an old-style ground and pound fighter. Of course, I can do submissions and I can deal with anything, so I think you can say that I'm an all-round fighter. The secret to 19 consecutive wins? Hard training. (smiling) I think the Pat Militech Martial Arts Center is the world's greatest gym.
There are many fighters in PRIDE that are good at submissions but you can think of me as a fighter at about the same level. Fighters that win with KOs are popular because they are very showy but I make tight wins with submissions. I don't plan on a slow fight. As a fighter, I will do my best to end the fight with a submission at an early stage.
Won Jin is an incredibly good wrestler. He's got heart and his conditioning is good, too. I think his type of fighter is a lot like me. My game plan? "Go to hell." I'm going to attack him like I'm running into hell. I don't think Won Jin is an easy opponent at all. I won't be able to play around at all.
If they are fighting in PRIDE, I will fight anyone, except for my teammate, Jens Pulver. I would like to fight at least 3 of the world's top-class fighters. I'm interested in a match with Gomi, of course, but since he lost his last fight, the real test of whether he is truly the best or not will come in the future, right? I'm after the top spot.

Ou Won Jin: This is the first time to appear in PRIDE, so I'm very nervous. This is something I have dreamed about so, in a good sense, I'm trembling. I've known about PRIDE since they began broadcasting in Korea 2 years ago and I always wanted to fight here because PRIDE is great, and cool.
Black, my opponent, is very good at wrestling and his style is a lot like mine, so I will do my best. I won't lose in takedowns, though. If he comes at me, I want to throw him with my specialty throws. I concentrated on striking in my training this time and I'm confident that I can land an uppercut.
I'm a wrestling style fighter with fighting spirit. When I fought in Japan before, I kept on fighting even though my internal organs ruptured. I had surgery and then began training 3 months later. My current condition? Somewhere between good and bad. I want to show the Japanese fans that I am strong.
There are a lot of strong fighters in PRIDE's Lightweight Division. The first one I want to fight is Gomi. Next are Joachim Hansen and Kawajiri. Gomi lost his last fight so I think I have a chance at beating him, too. I came to Japan on May 10th and I've been training at Takada Dojo ever since. And I've been training together with Masakazu Imanari from Team ROKEN learning leg-lock defenses. I will do my best and show the fans a great fight.