Following the press conference held on May 17th to announce the June 4th PRIDE BUSHIDO 11 and PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix 2006 Opening Round event, Mitsuhiro Ishida spoke with reporters.

I don't feel anything special about receiving an offer to fight Aurelio. From what I've heard though, Aurelio has been saying something like Ishida will be an easy fight. I haven't asked him personally so I'm not sure but I think he is definitely looking past me. This is the first time I've ever been angry before a fight. It really pissed me off.
When I received the offer to fight Aurelio, I remember fighting Shaolin and I thought it was the same as that time. When I lost to Shaolin, I became a stepping-stone for Kawajiri... I really regretted it and I felt miserable. I don't want to feel like that again.
I think that Aurelio and Shaolin are the same type of fighter. I'm definitely stronger than when I fought Shaolin and I'm also an aggressive tackler. He's good at submissions from the bottom but I'm immune to that. Like Ikemoto said the last time, I will fight actively, even if it means taking risks.
This particular opponent is a good opportunity for me, for certain. I'll be fighting someone that submitted Gomi, so everyone tells me that this is my chance. I'm not thinking that deeply about it, though. I think that all of the fights I've had were important fights and this will be the same.