A press conference was held in Dream Stage Entertainment's Tokyo office on May 8th to announce four matches for the May 22nd PRIDE BUSHIDO 7.

"We are creating a place for serious battles," CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara indicated the BUSHIDO event's future direction.Although it's possible few people beyond the hard-core martial arts fans will truly be able to appreciate the value of today's additions to the card, Sakakibara believes that they are the future of the Japanese MMA light-middleweight division, "They are like diamonds in the rough.They've got the strength and the potential as professionals to become brilliant diamonds."

"Regular fans will probably say 'Who are Taisho and Yves Edwards', but just like K-1MAX'S Masato started in off fighting in Velfarre (dance club), they have the potential to advance, depending on their effort and the effort of the promoter.There is potential in BUSHIDO.Similar to MAX, I want people to think of BUSHIDO when the talk about light-heavyweight mixed martial arts."

Masato was only known to a few kickboxing fans in the beginning but after being given a spot in MAX and fighting top world fighters, he proved himself and became a star. MAX has also become a big event. The May 22nd BUSHIDO event at Ariake Coliseum will be the first step in making PRIDE BUSHIDO into the light-middleweight event and Sakakibara is intent on showing the fans how entertaining it is."Fighting is about seeing who is stronger. Who is the toughest? The PRIDE ring demands strength.Take Minowa for example; there are guys that are built like him but still want to take on Fedor.Gomi has said that he wants (Wanderlei) Silva.There are fighters that want to see who is the strongest in their division. There are also fighters that want to see who is the strongest, regardless of division.Those are the fights that I want to promote."

Originally, BUSHIDO consisted of heavyweight and middleweight matches but according to DSE, it will now re-start as a strictly light-middleweight event. Undoubtedly, DSE is confident that these fights will satisfy the fans.The world war of light-middleweight mixed martial artists will kick off on May 22nd at Ariake Coliseum.

"Our overseas staff have visited both sides and are conducting final checks," Sakakibara explained about the scheduled bout between Fedor Emelianenko and Mirko Filipovic at the PRIDE Middleweight Grand Prix 2005 2nd Round." Mirko is in top shape and Fedor is waiting on the final doctor check.I hope they can fight in June but expectations are high for this match, so if they aren't (both) fully prepared, we'll delay it until August. We'll have a final decision this week or next."