Makoto Takimoto answered reporters' questions following an April 7th press conference at the Dream Stage Entertainment announcing the June 4th PRIDE BUSHIDO 100 and the PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix 2006 Opening Round.

I watched the Welterweight Grand Prix last year. I've only seen it once and I really wasn't watching it that carefully. I have just received the offer for this tournament but I didn't really have any plans to become a Welterweight fighter. I normally weight 86kg or 87kg but I used to cut weight when I was doing judo. I can lose weight just by cutting back on my food.




I rested for a little after the New Year's Eve show and then I began training immediately. I trained at Yoshida Dojo and sometimes at (Tsuyoshi) Kosaka's gym, and I worked on the same things as always. I practiced judo a little too and my training is back to normal now. I will leave my training menu until the event up to my coach.
(Asked about Gono's request for a fight) I only heard that he would be in the press conference immediately before it started and I wasn't really expecting anything like that. I haven't really thought about him at all. I don't particularly care who my opponent is. You have to train to be able to fight anyone and just because I will have dropped a weight class doesn't mean my style of fighting will change. I will just fight as usual. I still haven't thought about whether to wear my judo gi or not, yet.