Ryo Chonan answered reporters' questions following an April 7th press conference at the Dream Stage Entertainment announcing the June 4th PRIDE BUSHIDO 10 and the PRIDE Welterweight Grand Prix 2006 Opening Round.

Honestly, when I first received the offer, I thought, "they're doing it again?" They just had a tournament last year. However, I always fight to fight. It's still 2 months away and the fighters haven't been decided, so I can't get excited yet.
Looking at the others, I don't think there's anything odd about me being here. I have a title in DEEP and then field of Japanese fighters seems pretty thin. There aren't many Japanese fighters that can naturally fight in the 80kg class but when I was in the US training, there were many 80kg fighters there. They have to fight, and win, over all those other fighters before they come to PRIDE, so of course they are going to be strong.

I'm curious how much stronger Filho compared to when he was in DEEP and Pancrase and since I've moved to the Welterweight division, I'm continuously improving. (Looking back on the Kondo fight) No one would win against Baroni if they were in the same position. It's hard to trade strikes in close. If they just fight straight down the middle, Japanese fighters can't beat foreigner fighters.
I've known that (Japanese fighters) lack power (compared to foreign fighters) since BUSHIDO began. You've got to have a strategy and technique. If you fight with a plan, I think everything can change in your favor. I'm going to consider many strategies for the Grand Prix.