A press conference was held at DSE's Tokyo office on May 8th to announce four additions to the May 22nd PRIDE BUSHIDO 7 card. All four fighters were present and spoke about their participation.




Questions and Answers


Akihiro Gono

Pride Fighting Championships : Why did you accept the offer, even though it was so sudden?
Gono: I lost badly against Shogun when they let me fight in PRIDE before and I just can't stand to be the loser. I want to become a winner as soon as possible. Also, Kikuta (Sanae, GRABAKA leader) told me that there aren't many opportunities to fight someone with the Gracie name, so I thought that this is my chance.
Pride: Do you feel different now that GRABAKA has separated from Pancrase?
Gono: To be honest, I don't have enough time to worry about my team right now.I'll be the first to fight since we separated, so I'll probably be the most watched.This is BUSHIDO and my opponent has the Gracie name.I've got around 40 fights in my career but I think this will be the most watched fight yet.I hope in the end I will be able to win and that it will help my team.I don't have much time but I do feel the pressure.I've always performed better when I had pressure than when I didn't so please look forward to my fight.
Pride: What's your impression of Crosley?
Gono: He's probably better than me on the ground.I'll be in trouble if we fight on the ground for 15 minutes.Standing, though, our positions will be reversed.He's not going to be able to see my punches coming.If we stand, I win.If we go to the mat, he wins.I think it's clear cut, like old mixed martial arts.
Pride: Crosley is good at kick boxing.
Gono: Fighters that are sort-of good at striking fall for feints easily.If he can't see my punches coming, he'll get hit, even if he is a kick boxer.
Pride: Who would you like to fight from Chute Boxe?
Gono: Basically, nobody in particular.I'd like to fight Shogun eventually but he's already moved on to greener pastures. (laughing)I don't think it will be easy to get a rematch.I want to fight anyone that I lost too one more time, and I think every fighter thinks that way.I will fight him again, eventually.
Pride: Is there any theme in this fight for you?
Gono: "Lights Out", the words on my shorts: shutting down my opponent without letting him shine.
Pride: Are there any Japanese fighters that you want to fight?
Gono: I'm the strongest at 83kg so I don't care about the rest.

Ryuki Ueyama

Pride: Is there any theme in this fight for you?
Ueyama: No.I'm just me.
Pride: You said that you won't lose to anyone at 73kg.Do you think you can beat Gomi and Mishima?
Ueyama: No problem at all.


Pride: Is there any theme in this fight for you?
Taisho: If you hit someone on the street, you'll get arrested but in the ring, you can hit them as much as you like.I want to hit someone.
Pride: So, you're not thinking of a ground fight?
Taisho: I was beaten pretty badly by Mishima in my last fight so this time; I want to beat someone else.I'm ready to do everything, though.I'll give it all I've got.
Pride: Are there any Japanese fighters you'd like to fight?
Taisho: I'm just a country boy from Nagoya so no pays attention to me right now.I want to win this fight and have people come after me.

Dokonjyonosuke Mishima

Pride: Do you have a theme for this fight?
Mishima: I just want to relax and enjoy myself.
Pride: Are there any Japanese fighters you'd like to fight?
Mishima: I'd like to fight that guy called Gomi.