A press conference was held at the Dream Stage Entertainment office in Tokyo on March 14th to announce additions to the April 2nd PRIDE BUSHIDO 10 card, to be held at Ariake Coliseum on April 2nd. In addition to PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada, and BUSHIDO Public Relations Director Shigeru Saeki, Akihiro Gono, Mitsuhiro Ishida and Seichi Ikemoto were present at the conference and commented on their upcoming bouts.

"Takanori Gomi and Dan Henderson now stand at the top of the BUSHIDO weight classes. These fighters gathered here today are betting on the survival of Japanese fighters and working to ensure their positions in their difficult matches."
After announcing the theme for this event, PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada introduced the newcomers that will be chasing after the top Japanese fighters, Mitsuhiro Ishida and Seichi Ikemoto. Ishida is the SHOOTO Pacific Welterweight Champion and Ikemoto is the ace of the Osaka-based mixed martial arts event, REALISM. There will be great expectations for these two fighters as they make their debut in the BUSHIDO ring.

"Their goal is not simply to gain acceptance to BUSHIDO, but to win, and continue winning until they get to the top," Takada spoke of his hopes for Ishida and Ikemoto. "I'm looking forward to tough, aggressive fights and I hope that everyone will support them."
"With the Grand Prix coming up this year, no fighter can afford to blow even a single fight," Takada continued, addressing the newcomers. "I want you to show everyone what the BUSHIDO event represents."



The four fights announced today:
Akihiro Gono (Japan/GRABAKA)
Kim Dae Won (Korea/Seishin MMA Gym)

Mitsuhiro Ishida (Japan/T-BLOOD)
Paul Rodriguez (America/American Top Team)

Murilo "Ninja" Rua (Brazil/Chute Boxe)
Paulo Filho (Brazil/Brazilian Top Team)

Denis Kang (Korea/Spirit MC)
Mark Weir (England/Gloucester Range Fighting)

Although Seiichi Ikemoto's (Japan/TEAM Boon!) participation in the April 2nd event has been confirmed, his opponent has not yet been determined and will be announced soon.

BUSHIDO Public Relations Director Shigeru Saeki continued, reviewing the fights and fighters.
"His experience with Dan Henderson in BUSHIDO last year was regrettable," Saeki spoke about Gono. "But, his performance was decent. MMA event in Korea have become popular over the past few years and Gono's opponent is strong, has excellent technique and is a tough fighter. When I asked one of my Korean friends about strong Korean fighters, he told me about Kim Dae Won. I don't know how decent' Gono's performance against Kim will but he will either have to advance, or fall behind." Gono's opponent, Kim, defeated Gono's teammate Keiichiro Yamamiya in last September's DEEP event.

"He's strong, of course, but he's also good looking. BUSHIDO will now have a cute, baby-face," Saeki praised Ishida's looks, expecting to gain new female fans of BUSHIDO.
"This match-up seems almost like a waste," Saeki said of Ninja and Filho. "This is an incredible match-up of foreign fighters." Saeki continued, saying that he expected the Denis Kang/Mark Weird fight to become a "striking war."
"He's called a winning machine," Saeki spoke about Ikemoto, who's opponent has not been finalized yet. "He's quick and his fight will definitely be interesting. He will earn a lot of respect with a win in BUSHIDO."
BUSHIDO 10 will feature of lineup of exciting bouts. Which fighter will leave his name on the pages of PRIDE BUSHIDO history?