Mar 9, 2006- In a press conference at the Dream Stage Entertainment office in Tokyo on March 7th, a match between Masakazu Imanari, "10th degree in leg locks, and America's strongest Lightweight, Jens Pulver. The match will be held on April 2nd, in the Ariake Coliseum, at PRIDE BUSHIDO 10.

"I know that he's really strong but I'm going to destroy himfinish himwith joint locks." After becoming DEEP Featherweight Champion, Masakazu Imanari, the dubbed a "10th degree in leg locks", will return to the BUSHIDO ring. Imanari has promised to use his submission skills to dominate the former UFC Lightweight Champion and representative of US mixed martial arts.

Although it seemed like Imanari might be ready for some trash talking, he reverted back to his old self and toned down his comments. Asked about his impression of Pulver, Imanari simply replied, "His punches are strong." Asked how he would fight, Imanari remained tight-lipped, "I won't fight his game. The fight will end on the ground." "Well, I knew he was very good," Imanari politely said about Pulver's time in the UFC. "He's big in MMA."
According to Imanari's manager and teammate, Yoshinori Oniki, Imanari became bored during the press conference and made things difficult for reporters with his short replies.




Pride Fighting Championships: What do you think about PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada telling you that this is your last chance?
Masakazu Imanari: I agree.
Pride: Your opponent is a striker. Will you be working on your striking?
Imanari: No.
Pride: Are you glad to fight a former UFC Champ?
Imanari: It's a good opportunity.
Pride: Are you any more motivated than normal?
Imanari: Same as always.
Pride: Taisho, your training partner, has faced Pulver. Has he given you any advice?
Imanari: I'll ask him soon.
Pride: What do you think will decide the match?
Imanari: Probably the person that works the hardest.
Pride: What does your training schedule look like from now on?
Imanari: Busy.
Pride: You've fought strikers before so you don't think that you need to do any special training?
Imanari: His level is very high and he's complete. That's all.
Pride: Will Mr. Saeki (DSE Public Relations Director) give you anything special if you win?
Imanari: We're going to negotiate that soon. With that, the DSE Public Relations Director looked a little uncomfortable and Imanari laughed. With little to say at the conference, the submissions samurai will apparently do his talking in the ring.