An additional fight on the February 26th PRIDE 31 UNBREAKABLE card has been announced. Kiyoshi Tamura, a Middleweight, will face off against Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira, a top Heavyweight fighter, in a match that goes beyond weight classes. The total number of fights is brought to eight with this announcement

Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (Brazil/Brazilian Top Team)
Kiyoshi Tamura (Japan/U-FILE

Once again, an amazing Open Weight match has been put together. Tamura will take on none other than a permanent top-three Heavyweight, Nogueira. This won't be the first time they have faced each other, though. On October 9, 2000, Tamura and Nogueira met each other in the First Round of RINGS' KOK Tournament. Nogueira won that match with an arm bar in 2 minutes and 29 seconds of the 2nd round. Nogueira then went on to win the entire tournament.

Since that loss, Tamura has always wanted a rematch with Nogueira and now he will get it. However, the Nogueira of 2000 doesn't even compare to the more powerful Nogueira of 2006, and this is guaranteed to be a tough fight for Tamura. Will Tamura be able to pull off a miracle?