On February 11, Dream Stage Pictures held a premier screening of their 2nd production, "Simsons", in Fuji Television's 1st Floor Multi-theater. "Simsons" will debut nationwide in Japan on February 18th. The four starring actresses greeted the audience in addition to Pride General Director Nobuhiko Takada, who makes his acting debut in the film.

The starring actresses Rosa Kato, Mina Fujii, Mai Takahashi and Nanase Hoshii were present at the premiere screening of "Simsons." Before the screening, the four actresses spoke about the filming process, the Hokkaido town of Tokorocho where they filmed the movie and of the exciting sport of curling.

"It was the first time I've eaten raw oysters," Rosa Kato said of the delicious Hokkaido seafood. "Although they were volunteering, the people from town gave us spices and we enjoyed many different tastes. There was a scallop market beside the hotel. A lady at the market let us use a barbeque grill and we at the scallops there in the market."

"Everyone was doing their own thing. We all got together in the same room to watch a DVD but 5 minutes later, we were reading books and playing ping-pong," Kato continued, talking about the lifestyles of the four girls during filming.

"She was studying from morning till night," Mai Takahashi said of Mina Fujii, who was about to take her final exams. "I don't think we could have made such a good movie if it hadn't been us four," Nanase Hoshii commented.



Pride General Director Nobuhiko Takada, who appears in a guest star role in the movie, also made an appearance at the screening. Takada plays the owner of "Shaberitai," the only coffee shop in the town of Tokorocho.

"Everyone seems surprised when I tell them that this is my first movie appearance," Takada said. "I'm not bragging, though. That's just the way it was. (laughing) I've always turned down offers because I didn't think I was suited for movies."

Yuichi Sato, the director, spoke well of Takada, "He has a very powerful presence. He's powerful just being there, even if he doesn't say anythingokay, I'm praising him too much. (laughing) When we met for the first time in a wardrobe meeting, he said he'd leave it up to me. I was really grateful that he was so modest, saying he would leave everything up to the director, even though he is such a giant man."

Asked if it was difficult to play a key role, Takada answered, "I'm not sure. (laughing) It ended before I figured out what I was supposed to do, but I did my best. I'm only there for a moment, so don't blink. Whatever you do, don't look around or start picking things up off the ground or you might miss it. (laughing)" Takada replied "Of course, I would" when asked if he'd consider acting again.

"It was fun. The location was extremely cold and everyone was there for 2 months. I was only there for a day though, and my role was inside a building. However, the atmosphere - the atmosphere of everyone working as a team to create something - was very similar to the way we work (at Pride). They work to make something from nothing. Although I was only in a small part, I was really surprised when I saw the final production at the pre-screening. It's incredible. I cried four or five times," Takada added. "This director is an amazing person and these four girls have any incredible power."

"I'm the kind of guy that when I find good food, I always want to tell people about it. Regardless of my appearance in the movie, I'm definitely want to tell people to go see this movie," Takada said.

"I wouldn't have thought that this was his first time," Rosa Kato commented on Takada's acting, causing Takada to look a little shy. "In the movie, he has a line where he says 'everything will be work out'. I'll never forget his kind face when he said that. It was so kind, you really wouldn't think that he's a fighter."