The premier of Dream Stage Pictures' 2nd film, "Simsons" was held at the Yakult Hall in Shinbashi, Tokyo on January 16th. Present for the premier were the stars of the film, Rosa Kato, Mina Fujii, Mai Takahashi and Nanase Hoshii, the director, Yuichi Sato, the producer, Takeshi Moriya and Dream Stage Pictures CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara.

4 girls from a small town in Hokkaido, facing the Sea of Okhotsk, take on the world! Dream Stage Pictures" 2nd film, "Simsons" is based on the true story of 4 young girls competing in curling, "chess on ice" in the Salt Lake Olympics. The CEO of Dream Stage Pictures, Nobuyuki Sakakibara, the directory, Yuichi Sato, the producer, Takeshi Moriya, and the 4 stars of the film, Rosa Kato, Mina Fujii, Mai Takahashi and Nanase Hoshii, were all present at the premiere.

"The filming location was a very hold environment," Sakakibara began. "However, I would like to thank the production staff that gave their best to stick out until the end and never lose their smiles while trying to make the best movie possible. Although they aren't up front like the actresses, I am happy to say that because of their hard work in filming, we are able to bring this film to you."



"We have finally completed the film" Moriya said, happy to see the day of the premiere arrive. "Despite having to deal with a very rough filming location, we have finally made it here." Sato continued, "I'm grateful to see that this many people have come (to see the premiere). The staff and the cast worked really, really hard, without sleep and never resting, in order to make this day happen and I am very happy."

Then, the 4 actresses gave comments to the large crowd gathered at the premiere. "I practiced curling in Hokkaido for a month. It's very difficult and very deep but it's also an interesting and exciting sport." (Kato) "It was difficult to play a curling expert with only a week of training but in the end, it was fun and now I'm hooked on it." (Fujii) "After the difficult 40-day schedule, I began to wonder if filming would ever end." (Takahashi) "We four were serious and gave our best in this film, so I hope everyone will take something away from it." (Hoshii)

Also present was the short track speed skate representative for the upcoming Torino Olympics, Yuka Kamino, "I was very interested in this movie about an event in the same Winter Olympics. The real Olympics are next month so, as the representative of Japan, I will give my best in the race and try to inspire everyone."

"This has become a movie that will inspire and give courage those that watch these girls giving their all. For people pure of heart, watching this movie will bring them to tears," Sakakibara Nobuyuki added following the premiere, proud of the film's productions. "In that sense, this movie will be a litmus test to see if you still have something pure inside of you."

Additionally, PRIDE General Director Nobuhiko Takada makes a special appearance and even PRIDE referee Yuji Shimada appears for about 2 seconds. "PRIDE fans should watch the movie and try to spot him when he appears," Nobuyuki laughed as he sent a message to PRIDE fans

Simsons will hit theaters across Japan on February 18th.