Following the official signing ceremony for his fight with Fedor, Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic held a press conference in Tokyo to announce the DVD sale of his first movie, "Ultimate Force." In Ultimate Force, performs intense action scenes and even a love scene!

Mirko came out with a happy expression, a complete change from the nervous expression he had just moments before in the signing ceremony. Mirko was excited, as he served as both the producer and star of this movie. In the film, he plays a police officer that becomes an elite member of a special forces unite in a dictatorship. There is some overlap with Mirko's real life because he has actually served in an anti-terrorism special forces unit in Croatia. In addition to being full of fight scenes, Mirko had the full cooperation of the Croatian Air Force, lending helicopters and elite special forces units as extras.

Asked about why he acted in this movie, Mirko replied, "That's like asking me why I became a fighter or why I became a congressman. I had the chance and the means to make this happen so I tried it."

Mirko also said that he can use his acting experience in the ring, "We had a hard filming schedule over 6 weeks, from 6am to late at night. Although we were filming in an area of Croatia that it doesn't normally rain it, it did rain and the temperature dropped from the normal 15℁Eto nearly 0℁E Being active with nothing but a t-shirt in these kinds of bad conditions was something that I'd never done before in my life. There was a lot of waiting too and my patience probably grew stronger. I was able to do a lot of things that I cannot do as a fighter."

"As an actor, I'm just a beginner so I wanted to make the actions scenes as real as possible. I called my sparring partners. We punched, kicked and threw each other for real, just as we do in regular sparring. Because of that, I believe that we were able to get some very real footage. We also had the help of 30~40 people from a special unit of the Croatian anti-terrorism special forces. They loaned us helicopters and I am truly grateful."

Mirko also said that he used a famous movie killer as a model for his role. "We had a really tight filming schedule and a small budget. We gathered money ourselves and had the script written based on our own personalities. So, although it wasn't really necessary to create a character for myself, Jean Reno's professional role in The Professional helped me in created my character, though. I would like everyone to decide for themselves after they see my acting."

He also confessed that making this movie was one of the reasons he lost to Kevin Randleman at last year's Heavyweight Grand Prix Opening Round. "There were about 10 weeks between my last fight and my fight with Kevin but 6 of those weeks were completely used for filming. In return, I lost to Kevin and even though I was supposed to be a contender to win the Grand Prix, I was gone from the First Round. I don't regret it at all, though. I've learned things from losing and grown as a fighter. It was a big price to pay but I don't regret it. I'm fighting at 1 or 2 stages higher than I did last year and I will show you the results on August 28th when I fight Fedor."

Mirko's shyest moment was when the topic turned to his love scenes in the movies. "Actually, I haven't shown my wife the movie yet. I'm worried about what she will say when she sees it. (laughing) If I keep going like this and lose to Fedor, I could lose everything so I will be careful."

Mirko as an actor was much more talkative than he has ever been at PRIDE press conferences as a martial artist. He must have some strong feelings about this movie. "I hope that many people in many countries, not just martial arts fans, will see this movie. That's the only reason I worked so hard on it. I'm putting everything on the line for the August 28th title match but the script for the sequel has already been written."